Getting Started

"Overview of PlayTo how to get started."

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What is PlayTo

PlayTo lets you browse and find online and local content and then watch them on any TV or network ready media devices - PlayTo supports UPnP, DLNA, AirPlay, Roku, Chromecast, Google TV devices.

Step 1: Tap on the PlayTo Icon

Tap on PlayTo icon to launch the application. If your Android phone/tablet has no WiFi connection available a pop-up will help you connect.


Step 2: Device Detection

After successful WiFi connection the app would search for all the connected devices. If a supported device is found, a notification is displayed and is set as the active device.


If more than one device is found then click on the PlayTo button at the top right to select the device you want to make active. You can press and hold the device to make the device active always.

If your device is not found, you can add it manually by clicking "Add Device" and then picking the proper device type and specifying the IP address of the device.

Note: You can only add Roku, Google TV and Airplay devices using this scheme. Airplay compatible speakers and receivers are not supported by PlayTo.

If your devices are connected to your network but are not showing up then make sure "UPnP or Multicasting" options are enabled in your router. If your router instead has a "Filter Multicast" then disable it. Please refer your router help for more detailed instructions. Some android devices might have this option as well in Android settings, make sure they are set properly.

List of devices

Step 3: Select Source

Select the source of content - Online, Home, Device, Queued, or select one of our featured online channel.

Step 4: Online Media

Tap on any of the icons to select the a channel, the application takes you to the channel website in the embedded browser. Browse the site and find the videos you wish to play, once you tap on the video, the application will play the video full screen.

Online Media <link href="//" rel="stylesheet">
Online Media

Step 5: Home Media

This option brings up a list of all the media servers in your home network. Browse to server/folder of your choice - tap to play the media.

Home Media

Step 6: PlayTo TV or Add to Queue

While the audio/video is playing, the application presents two transculent buttons at the top.


Step 7: Play Here Option

WWhile the audio/video is playing on TV you have an option to continue playing on the phone on tablet.

Play Here

Step 8:Playing your Queue or Phone/Tablet media /h3>

Queued up media files can be played using your TV, XBox or P3 remote.

  • Browse to the Menu

    Using your TV, XBox or PS3 remote, browse to media servers menu - this option is specific to your device so please refer to your manufacturer provided instructions.

  • Go to "PlayTo Media Server"

    Browse to "PlayTo Media Server" (prefixed with your tablet) or phone name and press select.

  • Select "Queued"

    Select "Queued" folder and press Play to play all queued files as playlist.

  • Enter "Queued"

    Or enter into "Queued" folder and select and play to play selected files.

  • Browse "Device Media"

    Similarly you can browse to a specified folder in "Device Media" and play Music/Videos/Pictures on your TV.